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Canvas Printing

Price Structure:

Size Print OnlyStandardGallery
0.00 0.00 0.00
11 x 14 28.00 each 40.00 each 55.00 each
12 x 12 30.00 each 45.00 each 60.00 each
12 x 16 35.00 each 55.00 each 75.00 each
12 x 18 40.00 each 60.00 each 85.00 each
16 x 20 55.00 each 75.00 each 95.00 each
16 x 24 65.00 each 85.00 each 115.00 each
18 x 28 90.00 each 105.00 each 135.00 each
20 x 28 100.00 each 125.00 each 155.00 each
24 x 32 135.00 each 155.00 each 175.00 each
28 x 40 195.00 each 220.00 each 245.00 each
30 x 40 210.00 each 235.00 each 250.00 each
36 x 48 280.00 each 295.00 each 315.00 each
40 x 60 390.00 each 415.00 each 430.00 each
40 x 72 400.00 each 425.00 each 440.00 each

Digital Images to Beautiful Canvas Prints

with Ultra Chrome HDR ink

Standard enhancements included in price.
Additional charges may apply for special effects
Additional sizes available.

  • /images/prd/2/11391154.jpg
  • /images/prd/2/1690633.jpg
  • /images/prd/2/580296_143n.jpg
  • /images/prd/2/941283_143n.jpg
  • /images/prd/2/canvasprinting.jpg

Sending Your File

When sending us your files, it's important to send us the highest quality file  your camera or scanner is capable of for the size of print you require.
Emailing: for images no bigger than 10MB.
Uploading: for images larger than 10MB, you will be provided a dropbox link from one of our designers.


Higher Megapixel = Better Image Resolution.
If possible, send photos taken with the highest resolution. We can work with some smaller image size photos, however we will personally review each image before it is printed to ensure the quality of the finished print. We will contact you immediately if we have any concerns with your images.


All printers reproduce colour differently. What you see on your camera or computer monitor may n ot be exactly what is reproduced on your canvas print. Our printer produces beautiful quality vibrant colours in RGB.

File Types

JPEG format is recommended. Converting RAW images, save as TIFF or PSD (Photoshop / Photoshop Elements ) formats. If you edit your  photos in Photoshop, we recommend flattening any layers before sending the file to us. This reduces file size and embeds any fonts or effects you've applied to your image.

Quality Canvas

We use top quality canvas and archival inks that are rated to last over 100 years.


To preserve your print, canvas prints are coated with a high grade Giclee finish. Matte, Gloss or a combination of both will be used.


Gallery - Picture wraps around the sides.
Colour Edge - Black, White or your choice of colour is used for framing around the sides.
Mirror Edge - The outside edge of your print is mirrored around the sides.
Stretched Edge - The outside edge of  your print is stretched around the sides.


We will touch up, enhance or customize your picture to your specification. (Blurred background, Black & White with focused colour object, HDR filtering, Vintage and Artistic filters can be used)


We can customize your canvas in as many panels and sizes as you desire. Pricing based on size.